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In Spring 2016 Earl Wright II was named a recipient of the University of Cincinnati’s Taft Research Center Fellowship. The Taft Fellowship relieves him of teaching and service responsibilities for the 2016-2017 academic year to allow him time to complete his latest book, Black Sociology: From the Atlanta Sociological Laboratory to the Association of Black Sociologists.

In April 2016 Earl Wright II will receive the Southern Sociological Society’s Charles S. Johnson Award. The Charles S. Johnson Award is given to an individual in recognition of distinguished scholarly contributions on race and the South. The individual’s contribution may be an exceptional single work, several pieces of work, or a significant career of professional achievement. Dr. Wright is recognized for his career of professional excellence in research on the W. E. B. Du Bois led Atlanta Sociological Laboratory, 1895-1924 – the FIRST American school of sociology. This award will be presented April 2016 in Atlanta, Georgia.

SPRING 2015 and Earlier

“The Importance of Young Thug and Jaden Smith Challenging Hip Hop’s Masculinity,” Bossip (online blog). My comments focused on the hypermasculinity in hip hop and they ways that Young Thug and Jaden Smith are helping to (re)define masculinity and maleness in an era where new understandings of gender roles are needed.

“Rappers face Extra Scrutiny from the ‘Hip Hop’ Police,” interviewed by Emmanuel A. Otiko, for article that appeared in Our Weekly (Los Angeles) newspaper. My comments focused on masculinity and authenticity in hip hop and how these factors combine with excessive police scrutiny of artists sometimes leads to arrests.

“Drama, Interest Builds for ‘Empire’ Season Finale,” interviewed by Mekeisha Madden Toby for an article that appeared in the Detroit News newspaper. My comments focused on the popularity of the new hit show Empire and the public’s desire for shows like this that depict many of the subjects discussed in rap music.

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